Monday, January 6, 2014

Air Conditioning Repair 

In today’s generation people are giving so much importance to the luxurious goods. The living standard of people is improving day by day. Because of this the demand of comfortable and luxurious goods is increasing at rapid rate. AC Repair is one of them. There are rarely few houses where you would not find air conditioners. As it is a machine, it requires timely maintenance and repair. During hot weather you feel relaxed when you come home from the scorching heat. It creates a trouble for the people when ac stops working. It would be very expensive to call air conditioner repair. So before calling a professional you should check your air conditioner by your own. People should have basic knowledge about the repair of air conditioner. Sometimes you can easily fix the problem of your air conditioner. Following are some tips for you to do it yourself: 1. First of all you should check breaker. If many appliances are connected to the same breaker often the breaker would trip. Your air conditioner would stop working because of the tripped breaker. So you should check the breaker first. 2. You should check the thermostat carefully. If your thermostat is old and not working properly you should change it or you can replace the batteries. 3. You can avoid the air conditioner repair by consistently changing your air conditioner filter. If the filter of air conditioner is dirty blocked, it can cause many problems in your air conditioner. The filters should be checked on regular basis so that your air conditioner would not stop working. Even if you do not see any dirt on the filter you should clean it regularly with cleaning solutions. 4. Your air conditioner would not the cooling properly if it is iced up. So you should melt the ice. For this you should turn off the AC Service  and just run the fan. It would help to melt the ice very fast. 5. You should check the ducts also. By checking the ducts you can make it clear that the air is coming out of them or not. If the air is not coming from them it means that the ducts are dirty and need to be cleaned. But before checking make it sure that the air conditioner is switched off. 6. You should give a good cleaning to your air conditioner. If you clean it on regular basis from outside also it would work properly for long.follow us at